Urostoma: What Is It? What Is It For? Characteristics, Operation, Types Of Procedures And Risks To Consider

It is an outlet for bladder fluid created artificially. Urinary drainage is done here through the abdominal wall. The operation in which an artificial bladder outlet is created is called a urostomy. The installation of a urostoma can be a temporary or permanent solution. Why is a urostomy necessary? There are a variety of reasons

Afumix: Components, Indications, Mechanisms Of Action, Dose, Interactions And Side Effects

It is a broad-spectrum drug that is normally prescribed to fight vaginal infections. Very useful in the presence of bacterial infections, fungi and parasites. It is indicated in mixed vaginal infections caused by trichomonas, Candida, Gardnerella vaginalis and anaerobic bacteria. Components Fluconazole + tinidazole. Indications Afumix is ​​indicated in the fight against mycoses developed by

Laminin: Definition, Function, Structure And Properties Of These Glycoproteins

These high molecular mass proteins play several important roles. Laminin is a protein that is a major component, with the basement membrane collagen that separates connective tissue, stromal cells, from epithelial tissues (lining of the mucosa or organs). In the case of pathology, muscular dystrophies, neurological disorders (poor myelination of the nerves), cutaneous or conditions

Similar Organs: Definition, Examples, Differences With Homologous Structures And Identification

They are similar structures that evolved independently in two living organisms to serve the same purpose. The term analogous organs »comes from the root of the word« analogy », which is a device in the English language where two different things are based on their similarities. Similar structures are examples of convergent evolution, where two